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Rover P2s were fitted with the Wilmot Breeden Harmonic Stabiliser.
There is very little information regarding these and if anyone knows the correct procedure for setting them up could you please drop me an email

I'm now dabbling in stationary engines and have been told that I should start with a Lister D-Type as it is a great stepping stone into the wonderful world of engines.

This Lister D-Type was given to me as a Christmas present from my wife and although she thinks I have lost the plot she was the one who supplied the money for it.

This 26DH model was sold to Alfa-Laval on the 16th August 1941 and would have been most likely used to power a milking machine

The engine is a single cylinder 1˝ hp 348cc which runs at 700 rpm

See the movies page for a couple of clips of the Lister D running
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